The esoteric tarot

Action is at the heart of our destiny. What decision do we take? What should we do in a certain situation? What will be the consequences of our actions? Between consciousness and unconsciousness, what is the real nature and influence of our psychological state when faced with such questions?

This type of questioning is at the centre of our lives.

Christ en gloire
The tarot is a wonderful aid for divination, to help human beings understand the nature of the actions that they undertake. But how far can the Tarot take us in these vast investigations, and is that its only role? What knowledge does it really contain? Can we solve this puzzle today?
These kinds of questions are to be found in serious research.

Feeling his way through the darkness by the flickering light of his candle, the pilgrim can still be guided by the light coming from the tarot. Stimulated by his curiosity as much as by his intuition, he meditates on these mysterious arcane. Some of them speak to him, others remain obscure, as each one in turn reveals or hides itself. However, after scrutinizing at length these strange images, his heart will begin whispering to him clearer and clearer : this concerns the Philosopher’s stone. Those who seek will find.

Thus from divination, the Tarot becomes esoteric.